Humane Health Care
India has become a top health tourism destination for patients across the globe for high-end surgeries at inexpensive prices. Two of the top ten medical tourism hospitals are based in India.
India is emerging as a preferred healthcare destination for Stories of Westerners travelling to India and saving 75% over home country costs for large procedures-travel costs included-are not uncommon.
A growing number of tourists are flocking in large numbers because of the superlative medical care, equipment and facilities that India offers at affordable costs. India is considered a highly effective centre for specialized treatments such as open-heart surgery, hip & knee replacement, pediatric, cardiac surgery, dentistry, bone marrow transplant, cosmetic surgery, and therapy of cancer, among others. The Indian government is easing restrictions on citizens of many countries, making it easier for them to travel to India, visa-free and with fewer restrictions (US citizens do need a visa to enter India, which costs $67 plus any agency service fees).

India is in the process of becoming the "Global Health Destination" owing to the following advantages:
  1. The cost of medical services in India is almost 30% lower to that in Western countries and the cheapest in South-east Asia.
  2.  The cost of Infertility treatments in India is almost 1/4th of that in developed nations. The availability of modern assisted reproductive techniques, such as IVF, and a full range of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services have made India the first choice for infertility treatments.
  3.  Language is a major comfort factor that invites so many foreign tourists to visit India for medical and health tourism. India has a large populace of good English speaking doctors, guides and medical staff. This makes it easier for foreigners to relate well to Indian doctors.
  4.  Indian hospitals excel in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, joint replacements, transplants, cosmetic treatments, dental care, Orthopaedic surgery and more.