Humane Health Care
We, Humane Medical Assistance, partnered with the world class IVF centres and hospitals which are offering the most sophisticated and advanced Assisted Reproduction Unit (IVF Lab) with latest technology.

Our IVF centers have highly skilled and experienced fertility specialists, in-house competent embryologist and the support of the best diagnostic modalities and laboratory services to give you better advice regarding the treatment options and help you decide the treatment that best suit you. In all our hospitals both patients and doctors recognize that same symptoms may have many different causes and that accurate diagnosis should always come before treatment. This is no less true when the symptom is the "inability of a couple to have a baby (infertility)". Therefore, before you start infertility treatment we recommend you to have proper examination and investigations so that we, HIMT can give you better advice regarding the treatment options and help you to decide the most appropriate treatment for you.

Our IVF hospitals are equipped with latest technologies and facilities……

 Consistent 24X7X365 Services (No Waiting for Batches)
 Internationally Trained and Experienced Professional Team
 Ovulation induction / controlled ovarian stimulation
 Full time in-house embryologists and lab services
 Backed up by Urology, Endocrinology, radiology, Pathology and all other medical specialties
 Individual treatment protocols for best results
 Based on strict ethical and legal guidelines as per ICMR and international recommendations
 Full patient involvement at each stage with complete transparency
 Own Semen Bank
 Cryopreservation services for infertility patients as well as for cancer patients

Our Team

 Dr. Sohani Verma-Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
 Dr. Sushma Prasad Sinha-Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi
 Dr.  Rakhi Singh, Jaypee Hospital, Delhi NCR
 Dr.  Kaberi Baneerjee,Advance Fertility and Gynecology Centre, New Delhi.