Humane Health Care

Our hospitals are equipped with state of the art equipment, facilities and experienced, faculty & staff, is wholly committed to highly personalized and comprehensive cancer care.

With Humane Medical Assistance, we  assure that we will ascertain the success of your cancer treatment so that you will have healthy beautiful life again. Make an appointment with us for a professional assessment.

Patient centric focus, multidisciplinary approach, personalized, cost effective solutions with utmost care to all medical needs of the patient coupled with administrative needs are meticulously looked into by a team of experienced medical and administrative teams.

Our Doctors team are highly skilled and renowned surgical, Radiation and medical Oncologists and they are expert in Nuclear Medicine, Neurosurgery and Radiology.

Our hospitals are equipped with most advance technology, Three- Dimensional Conformal Radiation therapy(3DCRT), IMRT/IGRT &PET; Guided Planning and Clinac IX with Robotic imager.

Our services 

 Humane International Medical Tourism provides high quality cancer treatment in India. In our hospitals, the main focus is to cure all type of cancer at affordable prices. They follow the current standards of care and treatment protocols for each type and stage of cancer.

 Medical Oncology & Radiation Oncology

 CyberKnife VSI

 HIPEC Technology

 Gynae-oncology & Breast Cancer

 Head & Neck Cancer, GI & Thoracic Oncology

 Brain & Spinal Cord Cancers

Our Oncologists Team

a)   Dr. S Hukku, Dr. Kapil Kuma & Dr. Sandeep Mehta, BLK Hospital, New Delhi

b)   Dr. Manav Rakshak – Metro Hopsital. New Delhi.

c)   Dr. Subodh C. Pande – Artemis Healthcare, Gurgoan, Delhi NCR.

d)   Dr. H K Chaturvedi - Max Healthcare, New Delhi