Humane Health Care
If you were to ask practically anyone which sense they’d least like to be without, they’d probably answer “eyesight. As we age, almost all of us will experience vision loss to one degree or another.

Fortunately, there are numerous treatments for failing and faulty eyesight In India many Eye care hospitals are designed to provide highest levels and quality of professional expertise and equipped with the state- of-the-art Stellaris, Signature and Infiniti systems: The latest generation phacoemulsification machines.

Our services 

Humane International Medical Tourism (HIMT) offer you the very best in a wide range of surgical treatment & procedures at affordable cost to the patients in India.

 Retina & Vitereous Diagnostic
 Lasik (Wave Front & Standard Lasik) 
 Glaucoma Diagnostic & Surgery
 Contact Lences & Spectacles 
 Cataract Surgery
 Laser & Surgery 
 Squint Surgery
 Plastic Surgery of Eye

Our Ophthalmologist / Eye Experts Team

(a)   Dr. Ajay Aurora – Max Healthcare, New Delhi
(b)   Dr. Anil Malhotra , Apollo Hospital, New Delhi